The Future is Uncertain

We all know we are living in unprecedented times. While many of us thought the same in 2008 amidst the financial crisis, we find ourselves in uncharted territory yet again a little more than a decade later. The difference between now and then is the global pandemic spreading like wildfire leaving chaos, devastation, and uncertainty… Read More »

Betting the Farm on Threading the Needle

The stock market has been a hotbed of volatility lately, swinging as much as 600 points downward between Monday and Tuesday, October 22 and 23, and then another 800 points upward between Tuesday and Wednesday, October 23 and 24. Amid earnings, this has some buzzing about the potential of a recession sometime between 2019 and… Read More »

The Mortgage Market: A Changing Appetite?

In speaking with several loan officers lately, many have noted there seems to be a shift in the mortgage market with borrowers favoring conventional products over FHA products, something a recent report from Ellie Mae corroborates. According to Ellie Mae, “68% of all mortgage loans in February were conventional, the highest percentage since Ellie Mae… Read More »

Mortgage Rates: To Infinity and Beyond

It may seem like mortgage rates are currently trending to infinity and beyond, and while rates have continued to creep up…and up…and up since the beginning of 2018, things aren’t as bad as they may seem. We can safely say however, that the run of historic low interest rates that have prevailed over the past… Read More »

The case for a December rate hike is coming together

For those who may have missed it, the market has been a roller coaster this week with each breaking news story causing drastic market movement. We began the week with the Senate confirmation hearing of Fed chair nominee Jerome Powell causing the stock market to react favorably as this news was coupled with reports that… Read More »

Compliance: The True Cost of Increased Regulation

Over the past couple of years, the mortgage industry has seen lenders of all shapes and sizes struggle to accommodate the increasing regulation brought about by Dodd-Frank legislation and TRID. The 2016 presidential campaign saw promises of decreased regulation which have yet to come to fruition. In the next couple of months, as we come… Read More »

Millennial Series: A Wave of Millennials and The Avocado Toast Effect

Of late, the internet has been rife with examples of how millennials are ruining pretty much everything. From restaurants, soap, wine corks, and retail stores, to the 9-5 work week, you name it and millennials have been credited with ruining it. (For more on this phenomenon see: Here are all the things millennials have been accused of… Read More »

Mind The Gap

Monday, the 10-year Treasury Bond (10YT) dropped to 2.175, the lowest point in almost 6 months, marking an important milestone as the 10YT now hovers in ‘the gap’ between 2.15 and 2.17. As the graph below illustrates, after the November election, the 10YT skyrocketed above 2.15 and we haven’t seen a return below those levels… Read More »