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The case for a December rate hike is coming together

For those who may have missed it, the market has been a roller coaster this week with each breaking news story causing drastic market movement. We began the week with the Senate confirmation hearing of Fed chair nominee Jerome Powell causing the stock market to react favorably as this news was coupled with reports that… Read More »

Compliance: The True Cost of Increased Regulation

Over the past couple of years, the mortgage industry has seen lenders of all shapes and sizes struggle to accommodate the increasing regulation brought about by Dodd-Frank legislation and TRID. The 2016 presidential campaign saw promises of decreased regulation which have yet to come to fruition. In the next couple of months, as we come… Read More »

Mind The Gap

Monday, the 10-year Treasury Bond (10YT) dropped to 2.175, the lowest point in almost 6 months, marking an important milestone as the 10YT now hovers in ‘the gap’ between 2.15 and 2.17. As the graph below illustrates, after the November election, the 10YT skyrocketed above 2.15 and we haven’t seen a return below those levels… Read More »

The outlook is……good……very doubtful……Reply hazy try again: How will Trump’s Policies Impact the Real Estate Industry?

Yesterday morning the NYSE opened to a raucous chorus of cheering and applause as the Dow Jones reached 20,000 for the first time in its 120-year history. While many of those in the finance industry were cheering and have been cheering the rally we’ve experienced since the election and inauguration of President Trump, those of… Read More »

Negative Interest Rates: What Are They And Should We Be Concerned?

For quite some time now, the financial world has been throwing around the buzz-term ‘negative interest rates’ that has some concerned and others confused, but what exactly are negative interest rates? A Negative Interest Rate Policy is enacted by a central bank (ie: the U.S. Federal Reserve) whereby the central bank charges depositors to keep… Read More »

Rising Treasury Yields Finally Quelled Ahead of Fed Decision

Today has finally seen the end of one-month highs on 10-year treasury yields. Anticipation for news from today’s FOMC meeting has put an end to the steady rise in yields seen throughout the month of April. Because mortgage rates typically track 10-year treasury yields, this is important news for the mortgage world, as evidenced by… Read More »